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Mod-G Systems was founded to positively impact the Wireless Telecommunications Industry through the innovation of new products and techniques to Modularize site design and construction.

Our Products and related Services cater to many types of wireless infrastructure projects including New Site Build, Build to Suit, Tower Foundation Modification, Drop and Swap, Site Relocations, Temporary Sites, Special Events, and Disaster Recovery.

Our mission is to provide an option for the deployment of communication site infrastructure in a Modular manner.  We believe doing so can better utilize network development capital, allowing for the expansion of 5G services and overall broadband service at the speed and scale required to connect people to public safety, education, commerce, voice and internet services.

Using our extensive Wireless Site Development experience , we support our Clients’ overall network expansion and upgrade goals in a Modular fashion.  We collaborate with all levels and types of industry personnel to solve issues for our projects and the greater industry.

Residential, Commercial and now Wireless design and construction practices are shifting more frequently to Modular options due to a lack of consistent construction and material resources, and the factory quality, flexibility, certainty, and readiness that  Modular can provide.

As Principal of Mod-G, I pledge to make you a believer in our Modular Generation revolution.  I know, it sounds too good to be true.  However, I’m confident that if Mod-G can meet your project’s design requirements, you’ll also become a believer in the benefits, solutions, and opportunities our Modular Approach promotes.

Build Modular, Build with Mod-G.

-Jed Freitas

Founder, Mod-G Systems

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Our company name, Modular Generation Systems, speaks to our belief in a next generation,” modular approach to site development.

Our mission is to revolutionize site development through the design and delivery of innovative modular site construction solutions that increase efficiency and add certainty to any project or program.

Our customers modular vision or requirements combined with our scalable, integrated Product Manufacturing and Engineering Services enable fully modular site development options.

With thousands of operational, modification, and new site development projects under our belts over the last 25 years, we understand the importance of innovation, collaboration and delivering on commitments.


Composite sound absorbing generator enclosure provided by Mod-G/AIL installed in one day.